Is it worth the money to take personal loans?


Being denied is it worth the money to take personal loans?

Being denied is it worth the money to take personal loans?

After a few years of frantic and inconsequential credit fomented by an ordinary government, now Brazilian citizens are in a crisis and worrying situation, the great majority of people are indebted, if not squared debt thanks to the financial commitments that could not be due to lack of money.

Everyone knows that failing to pay the bills ends up having their name (CPF) included in the Serasa restriction register or the SPC (Credit Protection Service). Upon reaching this stage, the citizen wins a CPF with a negative status, that is, a person with a dirty name. In the worst case, the citizen who is also a consumer, must suffer one or other difficulty in obtaining services, products and financing on credit.

Getting personal loans at banks and financial institutions, making long-term purchases through credit cards, updating the credit limit, withdrawing new checkbooks, requesting and approving new credit cards, and personal loans or financing will become virtually unfeasible. The restriction on the protection organs will prevent the citizen from having a friendly and healthy financial life.

The negative loan

The negative loan

While financial, credit and banking institutions and credit card administrators often close the door for a person who is being denied, on the other hand there are several lending companies that make personal loans and release loan lines for bad and indebted borrowers. Some do not even perform the famous consultations at SPC before granting the credit. But this conduct is not gratuitous and calls for redoubled attention.

The facilities offered by the companies to grant credit for negatives range from minimal bureaucracy and total absence of charges of advance fees to extension in the payment deadlines. The bureaucracy is smaller, just the person has some type of proof of income (signed or paycheck). Public servants, retirees and pensioners of the social security have more facility in obtaining credit.

Another facility, the negativate does not need to prove the purpose of borrowing money. For the financial, either the loan be used for the abatement of other debts or to finance a property or car, for example.

For negative ease it costs expensive

For negativado ease it costs expensive

But in spite of the loan facilities with restriction on the name or negative, you must be aware of the loans given and all care is necessary before signing the contract with the bank or the financial. “The first caution is with the very suitability of the financier who is granting the loan.

The amount of companies promoting this type of service is huge, pay attention, there are many cases of fraud and bankruptcy, especially in financials that offer loans online. Hiring must be done with extreme caution so that the negative does not fall into the trap of easy credit. With an agiotista or speculator, for example the debt may become priceless.

There are other concerns, according to some economists, interest rates are very high. They can reach up to 1,000% per year, ie rates are about 10 times higher than those practiced by official banks. The best way to avoid even a negative loan is to adopt a smart debt reduction strategy.

Does not consult the Credit protection service

Does not consult the Credit protection service

For those who are negative and have just obtained a new loan even with a name restriction, it is important to always monitor your CPF. In addition to separate consultations with credit protection institutions, there are other ways to do this monitoring.

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