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Being denied is it worth the money to take personal loans?

Being denied is it worth the money to take personal loans?

After a few years of frantic and inconsequential credit fomented by an ordinary government, now Brazilian citizens are in a crisis and worrying situation, the great majority of people are indebted, if not squared debt thanks to the financial commitments that could not be due to lack of money.

Everyone knows that failing to pay the bills ends up having their name (CPF) included in the Serasa restriction register or the SPC (Credit Protection Service). Upon reaching this stage, the citizen wins a CPF with a negative status, that is, a person with a dirty name. In the worst case, the citizen who is also a consumer, must suffer one or other difficulty in obtaining services, products and financing on credit.

Getting personal loans at banks and financial institutions, making long-term purchases through credit cards, updating the credit limit, withdrawing new checkbooks, requesting and approving new credit cards, and personal loans or financing will become virtually unfeasible. The restriction on the protection organs will prevent the citizen from having a friendly and healthy financial life.

The negative loan

The negative loan

While financial, credit and banking institutions and credit card administrators often close the door for a person who is being denied, on the other hand there are several lending companies that make personal loans and release loan lines for bad and indebted borrowers. Some do not even perform the famous consultations at SPC before granting the credit. But this conduct is not gratuitous and calls for redoubled attention.

The facilities offered by the companies to grant credit for negatives range from minimal bureaucracy and total absence of charges of advance fees to extension in the payment deadlines. The bureaucracy is smaller, just the person has some type of proof of income (signed or paycheck). Public servants, retirees and pensioners of the social security have more facility in obtaining credit.

Another facility, the negativate does not need to prove the purpose of borrowing money. For the financial, either the loan be used for the abatement of other debts or to finance a property or car, for example.

For negative ease it costs expensive

For negativado ease it costs expensive

But in spite of the loan facilities with restriction on the name or negative, you must be aware of the loans given and all care is necessary before signing the contract with the bank or the financial. “The first caution is with the very suitability of the financier who is granting the loan.

The amount of companies promoting this type of service is huge, pay attention, there are many cases of fraud and bankruptcy, especially in financials that offer loans online. Hiring must be done with extreme caution so that the negative does not fall into the trap of easy credit. With an agiotista or speculator, for example the debt may become priceless.

There are other concerns, according to some economists, interest rates are very high. They can reach up to 1,000% per year, ie rates are about 10 times higher than those practiced by official banks. The best way to avoid even a negative loan is to adopt a smart debt reduction strategy.

Does not consult the Credit protection service

Does not consult the Credit protection service

For those who are negative and have just obtained a new loan even with a name restriction, it is important to always monitor your CPF. In addition to separate consultations with credit protection institutions, there are other ways to do this monitoring.

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To contract a loan without insurance, it is possible? Wed, 24 Apr 2019 08:00:49 +0000

Useful information about the loan without insurance

loan without insurance

Contrary to popular belief and popular on the Internet the subscription of a loan insurance when using this type of service from a bank is not mandatory. The law does not impose it, banks often do it for her. The guarantees always required (we can say obligatory in a certain way), are the guarantees death and total and irreversible loss of autonomy. There are cases where you can take out a loan without insurance .

Can I get a mortgage without insurance?

Can I get a mortgage without insurance?

This situation often comes back to the forums where we were often asked by customers by email, so it is necessary to answer them. The law does not impose loan insurance! It is the lending institutions that, in order to protect themselves from any inability to pay their clients, oblige them to subscribe to a borrower insurance.

Solution in case of refusal of loan due to a health problem

refusal of loan

There is the AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with an Aggravated Health Risk) convention. Signed in 2007 and revised in 2010, it broadens access to loans, particularly those suffering or having suffered major diseases.

This agreement provides that the bank, if it refuses to grant the loan, must seek alternative solutions such as a third-party bond with the borrower, a mortgage, an investment contract or any other solution to take out a loan without insurance with the agreement of the lender.

The opinion of the independent online broker Loan Insurance Cheap on the loan without insurance

The opinion of the independent online broker Loan Insurance Cheap on the loan without insurance

In almost four years of existence the AERAS convention has allowed many people to have access to the loan. However, its effects are insignificant compared to the number of people who are refused their application.

We advise you in all cases to use a loan insurance broker as Loan Insurance, which through its partnerships with the largest insurers can surely find you a credit insurance for some types of aggravated risks.

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Debt Renegulation Helps Organize Finances Tue, 23 Apr 2019 15:07:56 +0000

Those who are in debt and believe that the best solution is to wait for the time to pass can compromise financial health for long years. Debt renegotiation helps to organize finances and make dreams come closer.

One of the worst consequences is the restriction of access to credit and the inclusion of the name in credit protection agencies such as Serasa and SPC. The dirty name decreases the credit score and makes it difficult to release loans, financings and credit.

If you are in debt and do not know what to do, do not be discouraged: there is a debt solution. Check out the tips make renegotiating the debts even without money.

1) Forget the myths

Certainly, you must have already come across the term “expire” debt or debt prescription. The fact that the debt “expires” or prescribes does not mean that the debt is forgotten or erased (as if it would not exist anymore), but that the consumer, if not charged within five years, can not receive a charge .

So, forget the myth: the debt still exists, but it can no longer be charged to justice. And, despite having the name taken from the credit protection registry, banks and financial institutions have access to overdue debts by consulting their name. It is better, then, to renegotiate your debts as soon as possible.

2) Face the problem

2) Face the problem

Debt is a sign of a headache, is not it? Facing financial problems is the only way to manage your finances and financial health.

No matter the size of your debt and the resources you have today, just an effort to find a solution . Before any attitude, contact the lender to find out where your debt is standing.

It is important that you update and find a way out to repay the debt. Ask:

  • how interest is collected;
  • days have passed since maturity;
  • what are the options for debt renegotiation;
  • on discounts, after all, every company prefers to receive some amount to not receive any.

3) Assess your situation

Now that you know how much you owe, it’s time to evaluate your financial situation:

  • Is the balance negative ?
  • How much do you earn and usually spend per month?
  • What accounts do you pay monthly?
  • Do you have loans or financing in progress?

The financial check-up is indispensable for you to define how much you can direct per month to the debt settlement. Do not count only on the memory: write it down in a notebook or in the free Spending worksheet of Bom Pra Crédito .

Take the time to identify the habits that may be preventing you from paying bills on time and renegotiating debts, such as installments, overdrafts , credit card revolving credit, among others.

4) Cut Costs

What are the expenses you can reduce or even cut to renegotiate debts ? There are often enough adjustments in financial habits for you to pay outstanding debts.

For example, the custom of using the credit card, splitting most of the purchases and then not being able to pay the full amount of the invoice, or using the overdraft as a vicious circle, which is when the money falls into the account, covers the balance negative, and you reuse the limit.

And the situation gets even worse when spending that goes beyond your budget is unnecessary. Also assess whether you are paying for services you do not use and how to save more on your basic accounts (light and water).

The reduction of energy use is not only good for the pocket, but also for the environment.

5) Look for extra income

What do you do that can make extra money at the end of the month? Any skill you have can help increase your income and make your life easier in the organization of personal finances.

You can also detach from some clothes, objects and furniture and sell to friends or advertise in an e-commerce.

But beware: do not just count on the extra income to renegotiate debts , because you run the risk of not having enough money to pay the settlement on time if you do not get the necessary amount in the month.

Ideally, you should enjoy the “extra” money to add to your monthly budget or store the money for possible emergencies.

6) Exchange your debt

If you have one or more outstanding debts, you can seek a personal loan with lower interest and with installments that fit in your pocket to pay off your debts.

With the money in hand, you are more likely to get discounts on the debt renegotiation agreement. Another advantage is that you do not need to justify the reason for the personal loan application .

In addition to reducing the cost of debt, since you exchange multiple expensive debts for a single cheaper one, arranging finances becomes an easy task as you go on to be committed to paying only one debt in the month.

Do not waste more time: compare loans online and choose the credit that most suits your profile.

7) Pay bills on time

Organizing finances is simpler than it sounds: you just have to keep track of expenses and pay bills on time. If you are thinking of applying for a loan to pay off debts or are tightening the budget to pay your agreement, meeting the payments on the agreed date is paramount for not having to pay interest and unbalance the finances.

Choose a date close to paying your salary or you usually have a more positive balance if you are an entrepreneur .

To keep track of wages, create alerts on your mobile calendar. You can also schedule payments at the bank so you do not risk passing the date. Thus, it is easier to earn high interest rates .

8) Avoid new debts

8) Avoid new debts

It is no use to renegotiate a debt and not have money to pay new debts and enter a vicious circle, ie continue with outstanding bills.

At least while you are paying for an agreement or a personal loan, try to keep spending and avoid further debt. Avoid, mainly, new installments.

For a new purchase, if you do not have enough cash on hand to buy cash, consider saving an amount per month until you get the required balance.

At first it may seem a little complicated and even a super challenge, but you will quickly notice that keeping your finances balanced is the best way out for more peace of mind.

9) Make an emergency reservation

Have you ever stopped to think that if you had money set aside for emergencies , would the bills be up to date? The emergency reserve can help you avoid a default.

If you do not have the habit of saving some of your money, start doing this as soon as possible. That’s where the extra money comes in.

If you feel you can not save money from your salary, look for other sources to make this reserve so important to your financial health.

To make it easier, create a goal and gradually set aside money until you reach it. Ideally, you make a reservation of at least six times the amount of your monthly income, which would be the cost to keep up in a six month period. Be firm!

10) Read about Personal Finance

10) Read about Personal Finance

Staying inside the tips for organizing personal finances and how to grow financially can help change the way you approach financial problems and transform your life.

Here at Bom Pra Crédito you find special content that clarifies the main questions about personal finance and help you make the best decision.

Take advantage to read our complete guide on personal loan , to understand once and for all how this mode of credit works.

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15,000 euros loan with fast payout – 15,000 euros quickly received Mon, 15 Apr 2019 08:17:22 +0000

Long-term wishes can be fulfilled with a € 15000 credit: a new car, a conservatory, a sauna, a garden pool or an elegant home decor. The current low level of interest rates is perfect for this. The money for the purchase can be borrowed from a bank, if the savings are not sufficient and also the household budget is plundered.

The time is therefore favorable for a loan and a loan can be found at the numerous providers on the Internet via a credit comparison at top conditions. But despite the joy over attractive interest rates and conditions, the following factors should be clarified: What will be the monthly burden? What should the money be used for? How convenient and fast can I find a 15000 euro loan provider?

Who can apply for a 15000 Euro loan?

Who can apply for a 15000 Euro loan?

Each bank checks the creditworthiness (creditworthiness) of the applicant in advance when applying for a loan. It decides decisively whether the 15000 euro credit is granted with immediate payment or not.

The creditworthiness of a borrower is always determined on the basis of his income, his security and his previous payment history (private credit query). Whoever has reliably settled his bills, paid off on previous loans on time, should also have no negative entry in the private credit.
Anyone over the age of 18 who is resident in Germany and has a regular income can apply for a loan.

Online for loan application

Online for loan application

Nowadays, almost everything goes online: shopping clothes, traveling, hotel and flight booking and transferring money. Even a 5000 Euro or a 15000 Euro credit can be requested online easily and conveniently via the Internet. The providers provide an application form on their website, which must be completed filled out. When filling in the personal data must be entered and information about the financial situation is requested. In addition, one is of course asked for the key data of the 15000 euro loan and must specify the net loan amount and the term.

If the online application has been submitted, the provider (the bank) will process the loan request and grant the quick loan, instant loan or the 15000 euro credit within a few days – if the credit rating is ok

15000 euro credit – compare and save

15000 euro credit - compare and save

Even though there is a generally low level of interest rates – the credit terms of the loan offers vary considerably in some cases. However, only small differences in interest rates can have a major impact. For this reason, it is indispensable to check the offers carefully and not equal to the first 15000 euro credit immediately on the account. Great help offers the credit comparison, with which you can find the cheapest providers as well as where you can borrow 15,000 euros immediately. Convenient and easy it can be determined on the home computer, whether a 15000 euro credit without proof of income or a 15000 euro credit without private credit is available.

In addition to the comparison of the individual offers of the banks, it is also extremely important to pay attention to whether the provider grants special repayments. They are always useful if, in addition to the monthly installments, you want to completely or partially repay the 15,000 euro loan in between. So you become faster debt-free and saves interest.

15000 Euro Credit – Interest & Co, and what you should pay attention to

15000 Euro Credit - Interest & Co, and what you should pay attention to

If an offer offers a fixed interest rate, then this interest rate has been applied regardless of the creditworthiness of the borrower. The amount of the term can still change the interest rate. For this reason, in the offers are given in a credit comparison interest margins, which may vary. It is advisable to read the sample bills carefully and check them for interest rates. Best, however, to inform yourself about his credit rating. This is advantageous, because if you know them, you are also able to estimate whether the € 15,000 loan is approved and on the other hand you can – depending on private credit scoring – enjoy a low interest rate.

In the terms of providers should be paid to transparency, because a loan is usually synonymous without a processing fee. Anyone who wants to advance his payout and wants to have them quickly on the account, must expect that this quick credit can cause costs. A 15000 euro loan with an online instant pledge is possible at various banks – but not without additional costs.

When comparing credit on the Internet, you should be aware of the following factors:

• Are special payments (repayments) included in the offer?
• Is early repayment possible without prepayment penalty?
• Is there an extended right of return?
• Can a break be granted?
• What is the payment term for the first installment?

The online loan comparison even shows what the minimum income for a 15,000 euro loan would have to be. If the income is lower, the respective offer is automatically canceled. In addition to the view of the current conditions, it is also advisable to look at the terms and conditions of the provider, especially with regard to early repayment and termination.
Debit Interest – He is responsible for the annual interest on a 15000 euro loan. He is often given, for example, 2.50 to 6.85 percent, which reflects the margin between creditworthiness and maturity.

Annual Percentage Rate – The effective rate includes fees and compound interest and is often higher than the fixed borrowing rate. It too results from creditworthiness and term.

Step by step to 15000 Euro credit

Step by step to 15000 Euro credit

First, the desired loan amount is entered on the basis of a credit comparison on the Internet and then the providers compared and probed. How high the rate is depends on many factors, so the borrower has to pay attention to the effective interest rate and the term. Who wants to use the 15000 euro loan for a rescheduling, of course, should also analyze the loan offers and compare.

Once all providers have been compared, the loan can be applied for on the internet in just a few clicks. Name and address, occupation, marital status and income level are required for the application. In addition, providers expect negative private credit entries to be specified. Prior to the approval, the bank requires Deutsche Post’s well-known PostIdent procedure, which can be used to identify the identity of the borrower. Once these have been proven and the loan has been applied for, the bank will review the data, creditworthiness and income. The waiting time of the bank for a grant, however, is as different as the individual conditions. However, borrowers can ask them.

Use of the 15000 euro credit

Use of the 15000 euro credit

There is a 15,000 euro loan in the form of a installment loan or as a special purpose loan. The loan without indication for use can be used for larger purchases of furniture, computers, electronics or the like in order to meet various long-cherished wishes. Even a new or used vehicle can be financed with it or used for major renovations (new windows, etc.). Furniture and household electronics add up quickly when you buy them a second time, so having a financial cushion in the form of a loan offers you a certain amount of leeway. Wedding couples like to fulfill their dream wedding with a 15000 Euro credit, which they can make festive – and in the end even money for common romantic honeymoon remains.

Even a company, a company or a start-up can be founded with the credit. Also, the purchase of office furniture, a shop fitting or the purchase of goods is an important criterion for a loan, especially for founders and smaller companies. Own financial resources of this magnitude are usually not available.

15000 euro credit – the cost

15000 euro credit - the cost

If you accept a installment loan, you often have to reckon with the recurring interest on the loan amount even with the one-time processing fee. Therefore, one should take care when comparing on the additional costs, which differ significantly in the offers of the banks. If a residual debt insurance is taken out to hedge, then the premium is generally due in one sum at the conclusion of the loan agreement. The additional costs are included in the calculation of effective interest rates. It is also possible that the one-off fee for loan processing and the insurance premium will be deducted from the loan amount directly on the installment loan payment.

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Credit Score: Clean Name But Can not Get Loan? Mon, 08 Apr 2019 13:09:22 +0000

Credit Score – Clean Name But Can not Borrow?

Credit Score - Clean Name But Can not Borrow?

Credit Score? Serasa decided to collaborate by releasing the credit score for Brazilian citizens as well as in other countries. Before, everyone was watching ships because they did not know why they could not get credit, loans or personal loans, and you who are not under your dirty name, and currently do not owe anything to any institution, have paid their bills on the right day, but even so you are having difficulty when you are going to borrow money or have been financing the purchase of something of value or were denied when you applied for a credit card.

There are several factors that are impeding, however, it has seemed obvious that this probably happens because you have a “low score” or “low score”, but this can negatively contribute to obtaining credit, the legal thing is to know that this can be reversed and you can manage to increase the Score gradually, but it takes time.

Serasa, SPC Brasil and SCPC Boa Vista are currently companies that have access to credit databases throughout Brazil, and they assign a score to the consumer that we call Score. This score ranges from zero to one thousand points. The higher the score, the lower the risk of the consumer refusing to meet their financial obligations, ie giving default on the bank or credit institution. So, you have come to understand that the higher the score the more credit and more money released through personal loans or financing of all kinds. See also ➜ Credit History, Credit Score, and Credit Score.

Here’s the rating:

  • up to 300 points : high risk of default
  • between 301 and 700 points : average default risk
  • above 701 points : low risk of default

Free name

The good news as I said in the paragraph above is that before you had no way to know the note, but now the consumer already has how to know which note in your CPF. This Wednesday, May 5, Serasa Experian launched a great free service to know 100% and follow the score monthly. The consultation at Serasa can be made through the website To access it is necessary to inform the CPF number, name, date of birth, routine things, you will have to create a username and password – everything is very easy to do.

How to improve your credit score?

According to Serasa, the credit score depends on a grouping of factors, among them the payment of current accounts, the history of debts that have been denied, the financial relationship with supplier companies and also have the cadastral data updated in the organ of protection.

” Want to improve your score or score? For this the consumer must first clear his name of the spc and serasa, he must be with the accounts in day and must keep his cadastral data updated. “

Few know or are registered in the positive register, this is another possibility to improve the score, the positive register points to a list of good payers. The lists provide information on debt repayments, such as real estate and car financing, and can be accessed by financial institutions and credit granting stores. The idea is to help assess whether the consumer is a good payer. Currently, the consumer himself has to declare that he is willing to put his bank information in that register.

1- Try to get rid of the good debts left out or forgotten, many make the debt a running track and try to beat their own record of how long will be left unpaid. If you are planning a big purchase like a house or a car, you need to put together a payment scheme for your past due debts.

One of the biggest ingredients to having a good credit score is to simply make all the payments month after month by day. Another tip that can help is you whenever you can, save some money to make your purchases smart.

Serasa’s methodology to increase punctuation

It is worth remembering that the weight taken into account are mainly all information that the Serasa Score needs to define the note according to a behavioral study based on the history of groups of people that are not identifiable. These groups of persons or individuals are made up of persons having equivalent or similar financial characteristics.

So we can understand that, everything is done statistically, Serasa compares all observed results of both a specific consumer with others from the same group and thus does the calculation of the score. So now it has become easier to understand the credit negatives in the financial market, in possession of this, you have to start the work of building credit scores that favor your finances.

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6 Steps for Debt Relief and Prosperity Sat, 23 Feb 2019 15:37:00 +0000

Did you know that eight out of ten Brazilians owe their credit card, according to a survey released in March 2018 by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC)?

In the same month, the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil) reported that the number of people denied reached the mark of 60 billion in the country.

In difficult times for your pocket, do not be discouraged and check out six steps that Bom Pra Crédito prepared for you to take out your debts, get back to prosperity and not be part of that statistic, even with the crisis!

Step 1: Understand your relationship with money

Step 1: Understand your relationship with money

What is your financial profile when it comes to spending money? Understanding your relationship with financial resources is one of the steps to having more money and prosperity.

If you are always in debt, it is because you still have difficulty facing reality.

Have you ever wondered if your lifestyle is the most appropriate for your pocket? Is Suffering to Save Money at the End of the Month Unhealthy for Your Financial Health and Well-Being ? These are some of the questions to understand your relationship with money.

Before taking the next steps to organize financial life , you should seek to be aware that you are in a financial crisis and also be willing to acknowledge the problems related to how you handle your money.

But it does not end there. It is no use merely recognizing that you are facing a financial crisis.

We must face all the obstacles that hamper its financial growth and make difficult the realization of dreams.

Step 2: Make a budget

Personal financial planning is key to overcoming the financial crisis, debt relief and prosperity.

Those who have no habit of controlling their spending are more likely to get into debt quickly. This is because without control of accounts, it becomes more difficult to understand whether consumer habits agree or not.

To keep your personal finances under control , write down your income (salary, extra income) and your expenses (fixed and variable expenses) on an uncomplicated expense sheet or in a notebook.

Personal budgeting helps to identify excessive spending as well as expenditure that seems to be underestimated but which, in the long run, accounts for a good part of your money.

These expenses are often part of the routine and therefore can go unnoticed, such as the morning coffee outside the house every day.

At least in a phase of financial crisis, try to reduce expenses to the maximum or even cut , such as service subscriptions (TV, internet, mobile phone plan, among others).

Step 3: Negotiate your debts

Step 3: Negotiate your debts

To get out of the crisis, once you recognize your spending habits and begin to control your spending, this step is considered one of the most important. It’s time to negotiate your debts!

If you are thinking of giving up paying one or more debts because you believe you do not have enough money to negotiate debts and settle outstanding debts , know that, yes, you can get out of debt with little money .

Remember: Paying debts is investing in you, a smart choice for anyone looking for prosperity.

Evaluate how much can be directed per month for negotiation payment. When negotiating with the lender, consider the payment deadlines available because you will need to organize yourself very well for some time.

One option is to apply for a personal loan to pay off debts at one go. Besides the possibility of getting good cash discounts, it is an alternative for those who are looking to organize the finances with practicality, since you will need to pay only the loan taken.

Step 4: Escape impulse purchases

Your consumption habits need to change, so you get back to prosperity. Control impulse purchases to avoid getting new debt.

To make it easier, create daily and monthly spending goals. Before you spend spending the available balance on the bank account – it’s not worth considering the overdraft limit – frequently ask yourself if the product or service you are thinking about consuming is even necessary. And even if you decide to consume, look for alternatives that make it cheaper.

Most of the time, impulse buying happens by momentary desire, by emotion, and is made without reason interfering.

Worst of all is that later regret can cause even more emotional imbalance and spending can get out of control quickly.

If you are experiencing an overzealous situation to overcome problems and feel better, it is recommended that you seek help from a specialist as soon as possible in order to avoid further financial frustration.

Step 5: Start creating a reserve for emergencies

Step 5: Start creating a reserve for emergencies

Have you ever thought that if you had money saved you might not be facing a financial crisis ?

Before even thinking about investments to achieve your dreams, create an emergency reserve so you do not run the risk of getting into debt in the future.

The financial reserve is a way for you to have more peace of mind when you need more money.

Beware of this situation: avoid high interest overdraft and credit card , which lead the ranking of the highest interest in the market.

The ideal is that your total financial reserve is 6x the value of your income. Suppose your income is $ 3,000 per month. In this case, the amount required is $ 18,000.00 for you to have more peace of mind in situations such as loss of employment or unforeseen health expenses.

To make it easier to achieve a financial reserve goal, you can start with a low amount and increase over time.

But remember that if you need money, you would prefer a personal loan to other loans.

Step 6: Plan the steps to achieve your goals and have prosperity

What have you done to turn your dreams into reality ? The financial planning is essential for the achievement of goals.

If you have not stopped to think about your financial goals and what you need to do to reach them, start now.

Create short, medium and long term goals. And, to achieve your dreams faster, keep reading personal finance tips here at Good Credit.

Needing money to pay off debts? Simulate loan and find installments that fit in your pocket!



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Consumers are growing more often with loans Sat, 26 Jan 2019 06:45:59 +0000

Consumers can nowadays find it harder to get to a house and therefore opt for a renovation of their own home more often. This renovation must be financed. You can do this with savings, but also with the money you receive when you take out a loan. More and more consumers choose to finance a renovation by means of a loan.

12% increase

In the first three months of 2018, the number of renovation applications increased by 12 percent compared to the same period in 2017. An average loan is about 15,000 euros. In 2017, this average loan amount was slightly higher, at 16.364 euros.

Especially single people use a renovation loan. Over 46% of applications are made by single people. 26% of applications come from cohabiting, the remaining percentage comes from households with children. They borrow less money for a renovation.

The cheapest way?

Or borrowing for a renovation is the most advantageous way, there are opinions about dividing. Of course you pay an interest rate on this loan, so you end up spending more money than the entire renovation cost. The cheapest way is to use savings, but if this does not work then a loan application offers the solution.

Do you have a loan?

Do you already have a loan right now? Then chances are that our credit specialists can help you reduce the rent and / or shorten your term. This saves you on your loan and you lose less in total for your renovation. Pleasantly arranged!


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